Your privacy is important to us at For this reason we refrain from providing your personal information to anyone, or sharing it for that matter. Below you will find some details on how we handle your information.

When you email us:

When you email us at we will only answer your question or concern. Not forward the email to anyone without your expressed permission. In as much we will only use whatever information you provide to us as it relates to your question or concern.

When you make a post on our website:

When you make a post on our website, that information becomes public when we post it, should we decide to approve the post. If you do wish to post something you do not wish others to see other than ourselves, please email us the information.

About cookies:

We do not place cookies on this site. However we may from time to time have affiliations with other third parties that we link to whom may indeed have cookies on theirs. Please read the terms and conditions of that perspective website to learn how they handle and deal with your personal information.

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