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QuickBooks Sales Phone Number

QuickBooks Sales Phone Number

A toll free phone number for QuickBooks Sales is 888-388-3153 and then press 1 at the Main Menu. You can also simply tap the image above on your smartphone device to connect with QuickBooks Sales.

A toll free phone number for QuickBooks Sales is 888-388-3153. Press 1 at the Main Menu for Information and/or Sales.

Getting in touch with the folks at QuickBooks Sales via the toll free phone number shown above is all too easy. Just pick up your phone and call between the hours of 6 am to 6 pm from Monday through Friday, Pacific time. YOu can easily speak directly with a QuickBooks Sales Professional who will help you with customizing a point of sale solution that is perfect for your enterprise. Call now and get first hand the cheapest rates available directly from the floks at QuickBooks Sales. The toll free phone number of 888-388-3153 is manned by Intuit itself, the makers of Quickbooks, no mysterious 3rd parties or such. You are dealing directly with QuickBooks Sales when you call this listed toll free telephone number. Call and find out now about how you can also accept mobile payments on the go with your small business. With your free mobile credit card reader you can easily accept payments on the go anywhere that you and have the money placed in your business bank account no later than the next business day in most cases. Plus you have the peace of mind with knowing you are dealing directly with the USA’s largest merchant account provider. That in itself can work wonders for a sense of security in knowing whom you are dealing with.

So pick up your phone now and call the toll free phone number of 888-388-3153 for Intuit QuickBooks Sales and speak with a QuickBooks Point of Sale Specialist who can help you with getting set up for a merchant account that has all the features you demand in a state of the art point of sale system. You can also call and get quotes on hardware costs and an accurate breakdown of the latest rates and fees from QuickBooks Sales Customer Service.

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